5101 Gibson - Front of Modern Town Home

5105 Gibson St – A Modern Town Home in Rice Military

For Sale or Lease – $465,000 or $2,900 Rice Military has long been a popular neighborhood for those wanting to live in the loop, and with 5105 Gibson just listed for under $500,000–this is one home you will certainly want to see .  Built in 2010, it offers 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, patio space and nearly all […]

List of monthly utility bills to pay

7 Ways to Reduce Utility Bills While Renting

Nothing feels quite as nice as reducing your utility bills and going green at the same time. For many renters, the idea of having complete control over your energy use may seem like a far off dream. But in reality, there are a ton of simple ways to cut back on your overall energy use […]

Modern Loft Apartment Interior

What to Consider When Renting or Buying a Loft Apartment

Lofts are in vogue in urban areas because of their generous space, unbeatable amenities, and prime locations. If you’re thinking about renting a loft or would like to buy one, here’s some factors you should think about before signing that lease or making an offer. Utilities Lofts typically entail huge spaces, high ceilings, and sometimes […]


6 Tips to Maximize Your Loft Space

Lofts are a great way to save on rent and are becoming an increasingly popular housing option for people who don’t need a ton of space. Still, no matter how little space you require, a little extra storage room never hurt anyone. In order to maximize your loft space consider these tips. Decorate with Multipurpose […]


ULR Happy Hour at Kirby Ice House

Agents, guests, friends (and Cougar fans) came together for the ULR happy hour and the UH game last night at Kirby Ice House. Guests enjoyed drink specials, including a wide array of beers on tap and specialty cocktails, as well as yard games, and snacks from Houston’s favorite food truck, Coreanos. ULR also celebrated the […]


Interesting Facts about Houston

Thinking about moving to Houston? Here are a few facts you should know about the city—some important to understanding Houston’s culture, some just for fun… or maybe those are one in the same. The final battle of the Texas Revolution was fought in the Houston area. On April 21, 1836, General Sam Houston led the […]


9 Great Movies Filmed in Houston

When it comes to the film industry, Houston may not be the first location people have in mind. However, Texas is a popular choice for filmmakers because of generous incentives by the state, and Houston is one of the top cities thanks to its varied landscape. Filmmakers love the cosmopolitan backdrop of Houston’s Downtown, the […]


Buying a New Home: Knowing Quality

As we’ve discussed in the two earlier parts of this series, every homebuyer has three main factors to consider when choosing a home: price, location, and quality. Often, this decision requires home seekers to balance their priorities between these three considerations—for example, if a homebuyer’s first priority is to live close to their job (location) […]


Buying a New Home: Location, Location, Location

If you’re searching for a new home, you’ve probably heard people say “location is everything.” Where you live can impact almost every aspect of your life—your environment, the people around you, activities available, the amount of time you spend commuting, and much more. If you’d like to change something about your house you have many […]

Apartment Locators

Price, Location, Quality: Know What You Can Afford for Your New Home

Buying a home is an exciting experience, whether it’s your first time or your fourth. There’s nothing like the thrill of walking into a home and knowing you’ve found that perfect match. However, as you tour homes with your real estate agent, it’s important to make sure your expectations match what is realistic. Knowing your […]