A Statement from ULR Properties

Let us start by saying racism has no place in the world or in real estate, and we at ULR do not condone or support any racist behavior. Within our family of realtors we have agents and employees of all backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Our diversity is what makes our team so special.  We have […]

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Don’t Be Surprised! Navigating the Final Walkthrough

Congratulations, you’re almost a home owner! The contract is signed, the close date in set and financing approved! You are so close to the joys of home-ownership! However, before you start planning where you’re going to place your furniture or what colors you’re going to paint the walls, a final walkthrough is a must! What […]

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Denver Cost Of Living Comparison to Other US Cities

Denver Skyline for Denver Cost of Living Article

If you are moving to Denver, you might wonder how the Denver cost of living compares to the current city in which you live. Maybe you are part of the ever-increasing population that has the luxury of choosing what city in which you’d like to call home and Denver’s temperate climate, endless outdoor activities, and […]

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Moving To Denver – 17 Things You NEED to Know

Downtown Denver Skyline from I25

Moving to Denver? There are many reasons why Denver is the #1 city in the U.S. for 25 to 34 year olds to move, and why the population growth is outpacing that of national averages. Here are just some of the things that cause so many to flock to – and stay in – Denver: […]

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Love it! Organized? There’s a business for that!

Have you just leased or purchased a home from one of our amazing ULR agents? Now are you wondering what to do with all the clutter?! Well fear no more! Houston’s very own Ashlee Frazier will help organize your life to where every last item has a home. Love it! Organized was founded by Ashlee […]

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How To Sell My House – Now What?

You’ve said to your self, “it’s time to sell my house.” The reasons vary like the weather, but one thing is common to all home sales, it’s a life changing decision. Selling your home is more complex than your typical garage sale transaction. In fact, it’s a lot more complex than selling your car. So […]

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