Moving To Denver – 17 Things You NEED to Know

Moving to Denver? There are many reasons why Denver is the #1 city in the U.S. for 25 to 34 year olds to move, and why the population growth is outpacing that of national averages. Here are just some of the things that cause so many to flock to – and stay in – Denver:

  1. You can leave your heels at home (if you want). Denver’s consummately casual in and out-of-office attire allows you to give your feet a rest. BUT, if you want to keep your formal footwear, you can wear it to any of the many shows at Denver’s Performing Arts Center – the second largest in the country. Make sure you get on the Patagonia223bd961a46f76888f3bea78885b29d6 catalog mailing list. And don’t worry, LuLu and Toms are all the rage here, too.
  2. You can go on cheaper dates in Denver. The good news: the higher altitude means the booze works its magic faster. The bad news: The hangover the next morning (see #3 and #4 below).
  3. Speaking of booze, every fall Denver has the biggest beer festival in the country – and some even say the world. Denver brews more beers every day than any other city in the U.S. AND just down the road from the Mile High City is the biggest single beer making facility on planet earth. Hair of the dog anyone?1_breckenridge
  4. Don’t like beer? The Mile High City is known for its cocktails. Want some extremely creative ones? Go to Beatrice and Woodsley. Their “Farmer in the Rye” is one of my favorites. Want cocktails on the healthier side – go to True Food Kitchen and pair your drinks with some amazing, local food.
  5. Double up on moisturizer, there is no (or at least very low) humidity in Denver. That means chapstick is mandatory. To keep your face and skin moisturized try a facial at Denver Laser Solutions located right in the heart of downtown to keep your skin looking as young as you feel.
  6. magda_something_about_mary Denver is the Gotta-Wear-Shades capitol of the U.S. With over 300 days of sunshine, sunglasses (and sunscreen) are absolute must-haves. Of course disregard this advice if you want to look like Magda:
  7. Leave the bug spray at home, Denver has very few little flying or crawling critters. (Some windows on homes and businesses don’t even have screens.) There are some benefits to the dry climate.
  8. Get ready for some great chow! Denver may be landlocked, but we still have some of the best sushi in the country. While it may be a secret to the rest of the country, it isn’t to locals. You will probably have a wait at the awesome Sushi Den. We’re big fans of the Tuna Firecracker roll. Want to eat like P. Diddy? His former personal chef is at Café Rendezvous at the History Colorado Center. Want food from the individual that the James Beard Foundation recognized as the Best Southwestern Chef? Try Rioja on Larimer Square. Looking for French fare? Try Bistro Vendome across the street. It is owned and operated by Rioja’s chef. Their terrace is a charming urban oasis!
  9. Denver knows steak . Try Elway’s (yes, that Elway), Shanahan’s (Elway’s former coach) or Del Friscos (not at all related to the Broncos – to our knowledge).
  10. Like to get high? Just down the way from Denver is the highest road in the country, the highest town, Alma, in the country and the highest tunnel, Eisenhower Tunnel, in the country.
  11. colo Want to stand on the top of Colorado? Use the services of Maple-Land-Works and  do so from one of the over fifty 14,000 foot mountains. Another great summer hobby is to summit all of the Colorado “14ers.” They even make posters with the whole list so you can check them off.
  12. Don’t like the industry you’re working in? Just find another one. Denver has major showings of small and large companies in industries such as healthcare, technology, leisure and tourism, telecommunications, marketing, advertising and new media, sports, retail, food and beverage (adult and non-adult kinds), aviation, oil and gas, alternative energy, education and more and more and more.
  13. Get your Saturday morning started off right at one of Denver’s many incredible brunch places: Lucile’s, Snooze, Jelly, or Steubens. Denver breakfast starts early (especially compared to the South). It’s common to see lines out the door at all of the above as early as 8 am on a Saturday morning.

    Photo courtesy of Urban Spoon
    Pancake Flight at Snooze
  14. Prepare to smile a lot – Colorado is considered the second happiest state in the nation according to the Denver Business Journal (we think it is because of the fresh air, not just the newly-legalized herbs)
  15. Oh, and prepare to lose a size or two, the elevation helps boost metabolism which might be why Colorado is the skinniest state in the country. – US News . Coloradoans are also very active (constantly running Washington Park, skiing Vail and Breckenridge, or hiking in the Rockies) which is also great for the waistline.
  16. Don’t tell anyone this, BUT while most of the country thinks Denver experiences frigid winters – the average temperature in February is 49 degrees. On a sunny day, that’s flip flops and shorts weather. This makes Denver an awesome place to live year round.
  17. Love great music? A few minutes outside of Denver awaits Red Rocks Amphitheater – the outdoor music venue considered the best in the country by Rolling Stone magazine. –

    Red Rocks West Denver
    Red Rocks at Night Courtesty of

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