Don’t Be Surprised! Navigating the Final Walkthrough

Congratulations, you’re almost a home owner! The contract is signed, the close date in set and financing approved! You are so close to the joys of home-ownership! However, before you start planning where you’re going to place your furniture or what colors you’re going to paint the walls, a final walkthrough is a must! What is a walkthrough you ask? It is the process of checking any things that need to be fix before you sign the settlement.

Between signing the contract and closing, things happen and things go wrong, its inevitable. But don’t be left in the dark when you could have had the chance to get repairs taken care of by the seller. We know this sounds intense, but hey don’t worry, we’ve got your back! ULR has put together a checklist for you to make sure you move in as smoothly as possible!

Schedule your walk through with your real estate agent and bring a sharp eye! Don’t forget a camera that way you can take pictures of what needs to be repaired and so you have proof. Also bring along the contract so you can go through and confirm what the terms are. If you knew that there will be any improvements, bring along that inspection summary to double check what was agreed on.

When you are there, check for things such as:
-Turn on/off every light fixture you come across

-Run water: this includes turning on the shower, flushing toilets, check both the hot and cold faucets, and checking for leaks under the sink
-Test all appliances
-Doors: make sure that all doors open, close and lock properly, especially any that lead outside
-Inspect walls ceilings and floors for any termite and/or water damage

Check to see if all the windows open and close completely
-Outlets: make sure electrical works. Bring a phone charger to test it out
-Cleanliness because no one wants to move into a dirty house!
-If you’ve been blessed with a garbage disposal make sure that works properly along with any exhaust fans

Typically, walkthroughs happen within a couple of days, but no later than 2 hours before you close. So make sure that you get in touch with your agent about when is the best day to plan to make a trip to your (new) humble abode. Congratulations!