‘Merica! ULR July 2017 Newsletter

HOUSTON’S HEATING UP! ULR JULY NEWSLETTER As the summer kicks off, you can stay cool with the latest in ULR events, hot properties on the market and other hot Houston happenings here: Luxurious Living Close your eyes, relax and imagine this. You come home after a long day of work to a stunning 2 story […]

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Houston is HOT! ULR June Newsletter!

SUMMERTIME FINE ULR JUNE NEWSLETTER Hello Houston, we’re here to share with you the latest in ULR events, hot properties on the market and other hot Houston happenings here: MODERN LIVING Luxury is more than just a word here at this unique 4 bedroom townhouse. Floor to ceiling windows capture all the natural light that […]

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Don’t Be Surprised! Navigating the Final Walkthrough

Congratulations, you’re almost a home owner! The contract is signed, the close date in set and financing approved! You are so close to the joys of home-ownership! However, before you start planning where you’re going to place your furniture or what colors you’re going to paint the walls, a final walkthrough is a must! What […]

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What You Need to Complete Your Apartment Application

Renter signing an apartment application.

The right apartment in an ideal location can be snapped up before you know it. That is the main reason to get all of your important documents before you search for the second chance apartments near me in order when preparing to complete an apartment application. In the time it takes you to go back […]

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Top Tips to Start Your Apartment Hunting Process

Magnifying glass and cut-out of a house.

With an apartment hunting process in place, it becomes much easier to find an apartment you will enjoy for years to come regardless of which place you choose either Villas on the French Riviera are ideal for a luxury getaway, carefully select Real Estates Agencies as trustworthy partners which allows us to offer a wide […]

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Your Guide to Renting with Pets

You are looking to rent or sign a lease. However, you would like to include a pet in your household. How can you discuss the topic with prospective realtors and landlords and find out what you need to know to ensure a happy home for your pet? Learn more about what to ask when renting […]

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10 Points You Should Consider Before Renting an Apartment

Couple sitting and visualizing new apartment space.

The hunt for the perfect apartment can be exciting and a little stressful if you aren’t quite sure what you’re doing. Whether you’re a first-time renter or an experienced pro looking for a comfy place to settle down, there are plenty of things you should consider before signing a lease. While it’s easy to get […]

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What to Consider When Renting or Buying a Loft Office/Apartment

Modern Loft Apartment Interior

Lofts are in vogue in urban areas because of their generous space, unbeatable amenities, and prime locations. If you’re thinking about renting a loft or would like to buy one, here’s some factors you should think about before signing that lease or making an offer. Utilities Lofts typically entail huge spaces, high ceilings, and sometimes […]

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Buying a New Home: Knowing Quality

As we’ve discussed in the two earlier parts of this series, every home buyer has main factors to consider when choosing a home. Essentially, He should consider absolute net lease for the property ease, insurance premiums, monthly rents, maintenance, price, location and quality. Often, this decision requires home seekers to balance their priorities between these […]

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