The Hottest Houston Inner Loop Neighborhoods by the Stats

Downtown Houston Skyline - Booming Market

As we approach the end of 2013, many urban home buyers are asking what Houston inner loop neighborhoods have the most potential for appreciation. While the past doesn’t necessarily predict the future, it can signal larger trends which tend to last longer than a year. Similar to Newton’s first law of motion, an object in […]

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What is a Loft versus an Apartment or Condo?

Hard Loft in Houston, TX

If you are out looking for an apartment or condo right now, more than likely, you have heard the term “loft.” What happened to the simple days when apartments or condos were categorized by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they had? Well, to confuse you a little more developers and marketers have decided to […]

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Houston Lofts: Detail & Design

Contemporary Houston Loft

Like a blank canvas, the loft lends itself to the more creative type, and for many in Houston, their loft is a work of art itself. Whether buying or leasing, loft living has two main challenges: the first is arranging furnishings to create “rooms” within the loft as the traditional walls are not present. The […]

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Common Home Inspection Issues in Houston

Did someone say termites?! Inspection is a time when a buyer gets to really “look under the hood” of the home and gain a better understanding of the overall condition of the home. Inspection can also be a stressful time for a buyer (or Realtor), as certain issues can come as surprise to many buyers […]

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Q & A: Houston First-Time Home Buyer

Buying a home for the first time can generate a flurry of mixed emotions. Feeling excited one moment, and frightened the next. A sense of ultimate individual achievement usually consumes the mind of the first-time homebuyer – as it should. However, even after saving enough money for a nice downpayment, things can quickly turn into […]

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Envoy Mortgage Talks Loans with ULR Real Estate Agents

This week Chad Helmcamp, a mortgage banker from Envoy Mortgage, came by and presented to ULR real estate agents about mortgage lending. Over breakfast, he spent some time talking about the biggest changes to the mortgage industry including the recent change to the PMI requirements for FHA loans. He also touched on the intricacies of […]

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Love it! Organized? There’s a business for that!

Have you just leased or purchased a home from one of our amazing ULR agents? Now are you wondering what to do with all the clutter?! Well fear no more! Houston’s very own Ashlee Frazier will help organize your life to where every last item has a home. Love it! Organized was founded by Ashlee […]

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