Top 10 Burning Questions About Roofs in Houston

The roof… The roof… The roof is on fire!

When looking for homes potential buyers should not just be concerned with what’s under the roofs, they should also be aware of the most important factor that protects the home: the roof! Urban Leasing & Realty agents participated in a roofing seminar presented by roofing professionals. Our agents learned different factors that can help our clients buy the best home available, you can consider to have roofing leads for your company because its prevents risks of loss. Here are a few questions one would typically asked by potential and current homeowners.

# 10: Are there roof types common in Houston and Pennsylvania?

Yes, there are two types of roofs common. A few of the types of roofs are: Three-tab, which is distinguishable by its sections, giving the homeowner traditional appeal with great protection that has a warranty of 20 years. Laminate is the other common roof among residents because of its great water penetration prevention and has a warranty of 30 years.

#9: Is there any reason my shingles may or may not last their full warranty period?

Due to humidity roofs may not live to their full life expectancy, typically shingles covered under a 20 year warranty have a expectancy of 14 years, it is recommended to check the roofs every so often, regular inspections are a good option for the maintenance, to however, you can contact your roofer for a reimbursement for the warranty period.

#8: When looking for houses when should the roof be replaced?

Only a certified roof contractor can tell you when you should replace your roof, but besides replacing your roof it is necessary to replace it or of simply needs to get cleaned. A Superior Cleaning is a great way to add curb appeal to your home as well as adding a gutter system. But a simple soft roof cleaning can spruce up a dull roof to make it look new. Signs to determine if your roofs should be replaced vs. cleaned are:

  • Black streaking can make the roof look bad but is easily fixed by cleaning.
  • Deteriorated shingles is a sign of replacement. These shingles look warn, cracked, and have granule loss. You should look into a roof replacement service so they can assess how much the replacement will cost.

#7: How can a home owner tell if their roof has been installed properly?

Shingles should always be installed from the bottom to the top and nails should only be placed in the nail line, with quality materials and equipment you can do it better and faster. This allows for each shingle to protect the lower shingle against water penetration and rust. Having a roof that looks great while out on the terrace is not easy if you don’t know how to maintain it.

#6: What are common areas of water penetration?

Where chimney and skylights are installed water can seep through it they are not properly sealed during the installing process. Also areas where the flat roof meets the pitch roof are common areas for water penetration and leakage.

#5: How do you prevent water penetration?

Home owners can prevent water penetration by using the proper flashing, which can be found where the roof meets chimneys, and vents. Flashing is meant to catch the water preventing water seepage by directing the water back to the shingle and down the roof. If you ever need assistance with a repair then make sure to call a roofing company for professional help.

#4: How do I know if I have hail damage?

Only a certified roofing contractor can tell you if you have hail damage. The contractor would start with a ground inspection by investigating the AC compressor and window trim for dings and dents, then if signs lead to hail damage the contractor then would inspect the roof.

#3: I only have minimal roof damage, what ways can I repair my roof?

  • Shingle removal: Your residential roofing company would only have to remove and replace the damaged shingles. If the damage is located at the front of the house the shingles should be removed from the back of the house to replace the damaged shingles in the front, this keeps roofs in Houston from having a “patch-work” appearance.
  • Tin square method: This method is best used when you have hole damage or you are in need of a damaged roof repair. A tin square is placed between the shingle and hole on the roof, then nailed to the roof and then sealed.

#2: What is the average cost to install a roof?

Depending on the pitch, type of shingle, and roof size the price for a new roofs in Pennsylvania starts around $6,000. But a soft wash roof cleaning can cost a home owner $1,500.

#1: In what circumstances is my roof covered by insurance?

Home owners insurance covers damages to roofs due to sever weather such as hurricanes, hail storms, sever winds that are in excess of 50 mph, tornados, and earthquakes. But home owners insurance will not cover normal wear and tear of your roof.