Working with Apartment Locators: Common Misconceptions

Many people who are searching for apartments may not be familiar with what an apartment locator does. We’ve put together a list of common misconceptions to help you in your decision of how to go about your apartment search. We want our clients to understand what we do and how our business operates. When you have this knowledge, it helps us to work with you more effectively.

“Realtors are motivated only by the commission. They don’t care about me.”

We went into our field because we genuinely enjoy working with our clients, and we want you to be happy! Furthermore, satisfied clients—who know their interests are our first priority—are good for business. We want to be your Realtors for life, and we rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals to find future clients.

We work for you, the client, not the properties we show. We want to find the best deal that meets your criteria.

“An Apartment Locator can’t show me anything I can’t find online.”

Searching for a new apartment can be a time-consuming process, and working with a locator can save you valuable time in finding the place that is right for you. We know local neighborhoods, which properties have the amenities you are looking for, and which ones fit in your budget, and we can arrange tours of the best properties that match your criteria. We are deeply familiar with area properties and have valuable knowledge you won’t find on a quick search or by filling out a standardized checklist. After all, we live, work, and play in the areas you are looking.

“The more Realtors I work with the better.”

We can coordinate showings at various locations/listings to fit your schedule, whereas working with multiple Realtors may cause stressful scheduling conflicts for you. Working with one Realtor also allows you to develop a valuable relationship with one person. You won’t have to repeat your needs multiple times, and you won’t have multiple people recommending the same properties.

If you’re not sure which Realtor to go with, a better strategy is to interview several up-front and so you can find the one who best suits your needs. We don’t mind, we want our clients to be satisfied!

“Realtors get paid by the number of properties they send clients to.”

We receive 100% of our earnings when you sign your lease. We do not get a commission merely for sending you to view a property. Your time is valuable, as is ours, and sending you to tour properties that would not be a good fit would be pointless.

“I shouldn’t tell my Realtor everything.”

Without fully understanding your needs, we can’t be effective at our job, so communication is key. This includes feedback—we want to know whether we are providing the best possible service to you, so we can adjust accordingly. Without this information, we can’t be your advocate to the best of our ability. Remember, we work for you.

“I will pay more to lease if I use a Realtor.”

In Texas, properties pay apartment locators from their marketing budget—the same funds that would otherwise be used for advertising, referral bonuses paid to other tenants, etc. They budget for this and view it as a business expense, and do not charge you extra for using our services. So why not take advantage of a free service that handles your search for you while getting you at least the price you’d get if you walked in off the street?

“The best way to end a relationship with your locator is to ignore them.”

If we’ve already done some work for you and you are no longer interested in leasing a place or working with us, we’d appreciate it if you’d let us know. We will respect your decision. Life happens and people change their minds, and we understand that. A simple email, phone call, or text goes a long way.

“A Locator only puts together automated lists of properties.”

A good locator listens closely to your criteria and will help you adjust your criteria to the local market, making sure we meet your needs while staying within your budget. This is a back-and-forth conversation, where we do a lot more than fill out a checklist. We produce a customized list, and then arrange tours at your convenience. If you don’t find your apartment quickly, we listen to your feedback and made adjustments. Finally, we will help in your application process to make it as smooth as possible. A locator is like your concierge for your rental search.