The Ultimate Insiders Guide to Houston Dog Parks – Outside the Loop (Part 2)

In case you missed out on Part 1, check it out here.

Now that you have an idea of some of our favorite dog park picks, lets go over some general rules that apply to most of them:

  1. All pups must be spayed or neutered to enjoy the park.
  2. Puppies younger than 4 months old should not play in the off-leash areas.
  3. Clean up after your dogs.
  4. Dogs should always be leashed when entering and leaving the park.
  5. Also, make sure your pups are up to date on all their vaccines.

Those are enough rules for now. (See corresponding park sites for a list of detailed rules at each park). Part 2 of our guide begins with a park all Houstonians are beginning to know and love and goes on to introduce a few other stand outs in the suburbs.

#1. Congressman Bill Archer Park

3201 State Highway 6 North
Houston, TX 77084
(281) 496-2177

The scoop: Operated by Harris County Precinct 3, Bill Archer Park tops the charts in pure acreage, 17 to be exact. Located just north of Interstate 10 on Highway 6 North, this enormous park boasts all of the features you and your pup have been dreaming of. With tons of trees, shelters, benches and water fountains, it’s easy to find a spot to cool off on a hot summer afternoon (morning, or evening). The park is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can also give your dog a quick bath on the way out at the onsite doggie showers.

Why your pup will LOVE it: Not only can your furry children play in one of the two dog ponds, they can even try their paw at the agility course. Before you know it your pooch will be ready for the annual Westminster Dog Show!

Insider tip: Unlike some parks, Bill Archer allows children of all ages. This can be great for families, but make sure to keep an eye out for overly excited pups that may not get the picture when it comes to playing with kids.

Check out a map here


#2. Pawm Springs Dog Park

15300 University Blvd
Sugar Land, TX 77479

The scoop: Located in the heart of Sugar Land, this isn’t your run of the mill dog park. Yes, it has the waste stations, doggie showers, benches and shelters—but this resort-themed tropical oasis offers so much more. Really, who doesn’t want to pamper their dog in style?


Why your pup will LOVE it: Give your pup the pristine getaway he or she has always wanted—and deserves! They can mix and mingle with their furry friends on the beach, or take a swim at the resort style dog pond.


Insider tip: There aren’t tons of water fountains, so snag a lounge chair near the pond and you can keep a close eye on your pup and cool off at the same time. See the full list of Pawm Springs Dog Park rules here. Park hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.—the resort staff does maintenance on Mondays.

#3. Bay Area Bark Park

7500 Bay Area Boulevard
Houston, TX 77058
(713) 274-PARK

The scoop: The Bark Park is nestled in the back of the 64-acre Bay Area Park and surrounded by Armand Bayou. Bay Area Park offers endless amenities including, but not limited to lighted tennis courts, multiple baseball fields, gardens, and a dock that’s perfect for launching your canoe and kayak. I would advise bringing your pup out on the water at your own risk. With that said, you can easily find your dog a perfectly sized life jacket!


Why your pup will LOVE it: The mature trees and lush grass will almost make your pup forget about his or her real home in the concrete jungle. This escape is well worth the journey to Clear Lake.

Insider tip: In addition to your pup’s towel, make sure to bring along some shampoo to use at the doggie shower station. This may end up saving the interior of your car on the ride home!

#4. Alexander Deussen K-9 Park

12303 Sonnier Street
Houston, Texas 77044

The scoop: This beautiful park is located right on the shores of Lake Houston. Because of its location, Alexander Deussen Park provides boat docks and great fishing spots. The K-9 Park even refers to their dog ponds as “wetlands”. Both small and large dogs have their own play areas that include plenty of benches and trails. You can check out a map of the dog park layout here.

Why your pup will LOVE it: If you live on the northeast side of Beltway 8, this park will be very convenient. Let’s face it, most dogs love a good car ride, but we

‘re willing to bet they love a good run with friends even more.

Insider tip: Alexander Deussen Park provides several large pavilions that locals use for larger scale events. To find some peace and quiet with your pup, try visiting earlier in the morning or later at night. The summer hours are 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., and winter hours are from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

#5. Bear Branch Dog Park

5200 Research Forest Drive
The Woodlands, TX 77381
(281) 358-0989

The scoop: This park is located in The Woodlands on the north side of Research Forest Dr. and remains open from dawn to dusk. The secluded off-leash area is one of the only dog parks in The Woodlands that offers separate play areas for large and small dogs. While it doesn’t feature any larger man-made ponds, the park does have plenty of benches and a small above ground pool so your pups can still take a dip. If you have any two-legged kiddos, they can enjoy the large playground adjacent to the dog park. You can check out a detailed list of park rules here.

Why your pup will LOVE it: There are tennis balls EVERYWHERE! This park, above all others, will instill in your puppy a newfound love for fetch. Some regulars bring these long handled ball launchers, and a group of 5 to 10 dogs will all go racing after one ball like there’s no tomorrow.


Insider tip: Sometimes the waste stations run low on supplies, so always have your own stash of puppy waste bags. Look at the bright side; they can be colorful and fun to collect!

Now get out there with your pup and start enjoying the beautiful parks all over town! Parks in walking distance are always great, but don’t be afraid to be adventurous; all parks featured in The Ultimate Insiders Guide to Houston Dog Parks – A Must-Read for Dog Owners (Part 1) & (Part 2) are open to the public.