Best Pizza Places in Houston!

Are you in the mood for a slice of pizza? Here are the top pizza places around Houston that you should try!

Pink’s Pizza

PinksThis pizzeria is one of the best in Houston. The way to order here is by the slice, not by the whole pizza. Well, actually since one slice of pizza fills up two paper plates it kind of is a whole pizza – let’s just say you are getting your money’s worth. Pink’s also has some weird concoctions for their pizzas like the Deuce which is goat cheese, mozzarella, spinach, portobello mushrooms, roma tomatoes, and garlic with pesto sauce. This pizzeria is a smaller one so delivery or pick up is preferred.

Bombay Pizza Co.



This pizzeria combines Italian and Indian food together on a pizza. One type of pizza you can get there is the Saag Paneer which is a pizza topped with spicy greens and paneer (Indian cheese) along with goat cheese and mozzarella on a crispy crust. They also serve Kati Rolls instead of bread sticks which is a fresh naan filled with cilantro-mint chutney and a choice of fillings. This pizzeria is located on the ground floor of the Commerce Towers downtown.

Dolce Vita


These Italian-style pizzas feature thin crusts and high-end ingredients (and take it from this pizza-lover, they are the closest to the pizza in Napoli I have every come across!) One of the best pizzas here is the pear-and-taleggio pizza. Some people say this pizzeria is a rip off of Mario Batali’s Otto in New York but Dolce Vita as brought better pizzas to Houston so no one really cares. The appetizers here are wonderful too like the roasted beets with horseradish to a buttery egg toast topped with shaved black truffle.

Luigi’s Pizza


This pizzeria is a mom and pop place. The owner works in the kitchen and his wife is the one taking your order so you will feel right at home at this place. Luigi’s has great service which is far and few in this kind of business. The menu is written on a dry erase board and is kept simple with hot wings, salads, calzones, and gelato. The hardworking family is what keeps people going back here.

Candelari’s Pizza


A Houston staple, Candelaris has expanded to 4 locations, as the demand for their incredible pizza grows. Founded by Alberto Candelari, this is one pizzeria that has taken dough, cheese and tomato sauce to a new level. While Candelari’s offers European-style pizzas, their claim to fame is their signature pizzas that are the best in the Inner Loop! Carnivores delight in the “T-Rex Pizza” which features a meat-tacular combination of Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon, Andouille sausage, ground sirloin, and Canadian bacon. Vegetarians can breathe a sigh of relief with their veggie pizza which highlights their five grain crust and an array of fresh seasonal vegetables. Candelari’s also boasts a full menu of non-pizza options including pastas and grilled entrees.

These are just a few of the best pizza places around Houston but they are some of the ones you must try!