6 Tips to Maximize Your Loft Space

Lofts are a great way to save on rent and are becoming an increasingly popular housing option for people who don’t need a ton of space. Still, no matter how little space you require, a little extra storage room never hurt anyone. In order to maximize your loft space consider these tips.

Decorate with Multipurpose Items

One great way to save space is to limit the amount of items you have in your loft.  However, instead of giving up the comforts and conveniences that these items provide, replace multiple items with a single, multipurpose item. An example of this might include a shelf that can double as extra seating, or a coffee table that sits high enough to be used as a dining table as well.

Creativity is Key

Divide Rooms Using Open-Backed Shelving

Many people prefer to decorate in such a way that their loft kitchen is visually separated from their loft living room. This involves decorating so that barriers are created to divide the two rooms. Rather than barriers that take up a lot of space and serve no real function though, make use of open-backed shelving that can be multi purposeful as storage and barriers . An open-backed shelf can make for a great partial wall between rooms while still serving the purpose of providing a fair amount of storage. It’s a win-win decision.

Replace Coffee Tables with Small Side Tables

Coffee tables are bulky, difficult to move, and can entirely eat up the space available in a small room. Instead, use multiple, small side tables to decorate your loft living room. Not only will they take up less total space, they are also easily moved, which helps reduce the feeling of being crowded or cramped.

No such thing as a neglected space graphic

Make Use of Unconventional Storage Spaces

When you’re strapped for space, you have to make use of every inch you have available. This means getting creative with some storage spaces that might otherwise be overlooked. One of the most often neglected storage spaces is underneath your bed. Baskets and boxes full of items can easily be slid in and out from underneath a bed. Think outside the ordinary a little and see what other spaces you can make use of. In utilizing unconventional storage spaces, creativity is key.

Add Casters to Your Furniture

As already mentioned, the ability to easily move a piece of furniture goes a long way in making your loft space feel far less crowded. Some pieces, however, are simply too heavy or bulky to pick up and carry around. For these, consider adding casters to the base of the piece so that it can be effortlessly wheeled around where you need it to be. 

Loft Apartment Living Room

Build Up, Not Out

Anytime you have the chance to go vertical with your furnishings, take it. Make use of suspended lighting or tall, narrow lamps. Want to liven the place up with a few plants? Hang them from the ceiling. If your ceiling is too high to hang items such as these from it, you can always make use of attachments that extend out from the wall. However you do it, use your vertical space anytime you can. Floor space is a much rarer commodity and should be spared for items that cannot be suspended.


Lofts may not offer tons of storage, but if you are willing to get innovative they can provide more than enough space for you to live comfortably with all the conveniences you’ve grown used to. If you are interested in purchasing or leasing a loft in the Houston, Texas area, be sure to check out some of the beautifully designed options available on Urban Leasing.