Selling Homes & Stocking Pantries-2014 ULR Food Drive a Success!

Imagine having to decide between buying food or basic toiletries. That is the difficult decision many of the women at the Jane Cizik Garden Place have to make each week. The apartment community is a branch of the Women’s Home, and is a permanent supportive housing community, offering women-centered services to those on a modest income. Rice, pasta, soap, toilet paper and feminine products are among some of the most-needed items for the women in the community.


Upon learning of their need last year, the ULR team set out to host a good drive (our first ever!) and we were able to gather 1401 items for the drive. The reward of filling their pantry was inspiring. This year we set out with a goal of collecting 1500 non-perishable food items and toiletries. We also wanted to help get our friends in the community involved, and hopefully raise awareness of the Women’s Home and the incredible work that they do.


We had an amazing group of co-sponsors who so generously hosted (and filled) donation boxes at their places of business.Agents and friends cleaned out their pantries and went to the grocery store to help stock the shelves for the Women’s Home. As the donations started to come in, cans and bags filled the ULR office, and the generosity of the community became more and more apparent. Before long our front entryway was literally overflowing with cans of soup, bags of pasta, hair care products and more!


On Friday December 5th, the ULR team gathered to help transport the donation items to the pantry at Jane Cizik. With 4 full SUVs filled to the brim, we made the short trip to Spring Branch to the community. We are proud to say that this year we were able to stock the shelves with over 2100 items!! As the team unloaded and sorted, we learned that our contribution would help provide for the women for over 4 months, especially through the critical time of the holidays when budgets are often stretched very thin.


Thank you to everyone who donated, especially Kai Bike from Republic State Mortgage, Candice Hildebrand and Deanna Mellas from North American Title, Matthew Meiners and Expressworks, Sammy DeReal, Venue Museum District, and all of our Co-Sponsors, but especially Sky House for bringing in the most donations of all the Co-Sponsors. ULR would also like to thank our incredible team of agents for helping make this drive possible, and to our Co-Sponsors below–the 2014 ULR Food Drive would not have been possible without you. The generosity of everyone involved has been truly inspiring.



Women’s Home Cottage Shop

Marie Flanigan Interiors



-Memorial Hills Apartments

-Ashton West Dallas Apartments

Rafail Insurance Group



Beet Box Blend Bar



Buffalo Bayou Partnership

LightHill Partners

Marry Go Round Bridal