River Oaks Christmas Lights in Houston

Scroll through all of the amazing River oaks Christmas lights this year. At the bottom of this post you can see a collage of the well-lit houses. Make sure you vote for your favorite in our poll above. And if you are in Houston this Holiday season, make sure you drive through the River Oaks neighborhood to see all of the amazing lights in person!

River Oaks Light Strands from Tree Christmas Lights
Strands of Light – The strands of light hung from all of the branches of the trees bordering this corner lot create a curtain of light around the house.
Blue Light Christmas Tree with Red, Green, and Gold Lights Highlighting Shrubs
Blue Tree – The blue tree ties the two sides of this property together, but equally is beautiful are the alternating red and green up-lit shrubs the jut out along both walls away from the tree.
Live Oak wrapped in White Christmas Lights in River Oaks Houston, TX
Solo Tree – This solo live oak tree on the corner is really spectacular. The white lights around it’s arms accent the breadth of it’s canopy.
Red and White Christmas Lights Wrap Trees in River Oaks neighborhood
Candy Cane Tree – The red and white candy cane trees are bold and classic at this residence in River Oaks. They nearly over-power the lit figures that stand atop the fence-line. The tree canopy holds all the light into this festive property.
Santa Claus Blow Up Figure in Front Yard
Santa Claus – A giant Santa Claus watches over this house in the middle of the block. The lit trees frame the house nicely and keep Santa well lit.
Santa and His Reindeer in River Oaks Yard Christmas Lights
Santa’s Sleigh – Santa, his sleigh, and reindeer (with Rudolph guiding the way) greet all that pass by this corner lot in River Oaks. The yard emits an amazing amount of light but not enough to outshine Rudolph’s red nose.
Stately River Oaks house with White Christmas Lights
Stately Symmetry – This house sits on a large lawn with tree-lined borders on both the east and west. The lights frame the property.
Sparkling lit Balls hang from an enormous Oak Tree for the Holidays Houston, TX
Balls of Light – This property has a gorgeous tree with sparkling spheres dangling from the hundreds of branches. It is magical on the corner of the street.
Incredible Christmas Lights on Oak Tree in River Oaks Neighborhood
Glowing Live Oak – This house sits in the middle of the block but at night the web of white light branches can be seen from far down the street.

Houston River Oaks Christmas Light Collage