Macaron’s by Patisse now open in River Oaks!



Oh how ULR loves sweets! So when we all got word that Macaron’s by Patisse had just announced their opening, we had to do a taste test… of every single Macaron in the shop.

Owner Sukaina Rajani originally started making macarons for friend and family gatherings. When the word got out about these delicious bite size deserts she started getting numerous requests to cater events. Fast forward to today, she now proudly owns and markets her own French Macaron Boutique.

Macarons are not all you will find in her boutique. In her gorgeous dessert showcase you will also find mini pies, cake balls, mini cupcakes and mini eclairs on display that are just as equally delicious. Italian sodas and organic teas are also offered, which are meant to compliment the macarons.

Below are some fun facts about Macarons:

There is a common misconception about Macaron [mak-ron] and Macaroon [mak-uh-roon]. Macaroons consist of egg-whites, sugar and coconut and consist more of a lumpy, chewy cookie. Macarons on the other hand are made with egg-whites, sugar and finely ground almonds. Macarons are more of a meringue, airy cookie. You can see the difference below:


These little bites of heaven do take some time to make. Sukaina and staff crank out around 1500 macarons each day. Every batch of 50 macarons takes around 2 hours to bake.

One Macaron is only 50 calories! Yes, I said 50. So boys, this is a great place to take a date for a sweet little dessert after dinner. Did I mention they are gluten free?!
My personal favorite is the Coco Noir – It’s a coconut shell with a dark chocolate ganache. It’s definitely a must try!

If you are looking to sweeten up your next event, her catering desk is available to help you plan. Macaron’s by Patisse is located at the corner of West Gray and S. Shepherd at 2033 W. Gray. Get them today for your loved ones just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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