How to Plan a Virtual Easter Celebration

Easter is this weekend and things will be a little different this year. With social distancing in place we have to adapt to making this year’s celebrations fun but also safe. We have put together a guide to help you with your virtual Easter!


During quarantine there are still plenty of local options to getting what you need to make Easter special. Though the store front may appear closed, many businesses are still open for delivery and pick up. If that still doesn’t work, Amazon and other big name retailers are still open.

Photo Courtesy of The Daily Meal


There are many ways to make a easter egg hunt quarantine compliant! Try hiding eggs in your own yard or even in your home! Some neighborhoods are making large egg hunts that you do from your car. You can recreate this by printing off a coloring page of an egg, decorate it, and hang it somewhere on the outside of your house for people driving by to find! To get your community to participate contact your HOA or post a message in the Nextdoor app!



This year we won’t be able to spend Easter with our loved ones but that doesn’t mean they can’t join in the festivities! Pull together a family wide Zoom video call so no one is left out. The site has easter themed backgrounds to give the call a more festive vibe. Keep the call going during your egg hunt and dinner.

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Since social distancing began, many churches have moved their services online. Here is a list of Houston churches and their online Easter service information.



Here are a few recipes made with ingredients you probably already have!

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