Houston’s Best Apartments for Dogs

Here at ULR, we love our pets! And when I say love, I mean they eat better than us, sleep better than us, and overall, just live a better life than us. So when it comes to place to live, we want to make sure it’s not only the perfect place for us hoomans, but the perfect place for them as well. While most places allow our beloved 4 legged friends, we wanted to show off some of our favorite properties with the best perks for our dogs!

Alexan Yale Street
Located in the Heights, this modern and luxurious community comes with some pretty stellar amenities for us two leggeds, but what do we get for our pups? Well let me tell ya! 1 acre dog park complete with dog runs, splash pad and an obstacle course for those training be take home the gold at the Manchester Dog Show. Not to mention this property has sections for big and small dogs!

Photo Courtesy of Alexan Yale Street
Photo Courtesy of Alexan Yale Street

2411 Washington
Calling all nature lovers! This property is located off Washington Ave, where there are hot places to dine and entertain, but more importantly, it’s near Memorial Park. While this community offers a massive play area for your dogs, it also has access to the trails at Memorial. If you have never been on a walk with your fur baby here, you’re missing out! With different trails, you’re dog will love exploring the different smells of nature and interacting (chasing) the squirrels.

Millenium Kirby
If you’re looking for something a little more south in the inner loop and a pet park with a pet washing station, this is the place for y’all! Oh yea, you read that right, a pet washing station! No longer will you have to fear the after wash shake inside the house and wet paws all over your floor. This property also features monthly pet events and there’s always treats in the office!

Photo Courtesy of themillennium.com
Photo Courtesy of The Millenium Kirby

Camden McGowen Station
Opening it’s doors for tours this Thursday, your heart will swoon when you see the building for the first time. However, more importantly you will be in awe with the dog park. Although it is a requirement, this dog park features a conveyor belt with the availability to get rid of waste that was left behind. Yea that’s right, you won’t have to worry about stepping on any unwanted “mud.” But wait, there’s more! This property also offers a pet spa with a grooming lounge so you’re pup will always be walking out fresh and clean.

While there are others with amazing amenities and perks, these are a few of our favored properties. If you and your pack are in search of a new home, give us a call and we’ll help find you the best place for your family!
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