Houston Lofts For Sale – LMFAO

So you’ve already read about true/hard and soft lofts and you know that you want a loft. Maybe you’ve already rented a loft for a while and decided that the open spaces, the stoic brick walls, and the edgy wood or concrete floors are you ( and now you are looking at Houston lofts for sale). For most it’s the nostalgia. To some it’s the “retro” appeal of an old space juxtaposed with a modern time. I had one client say that he has to “live in a place with ghosts, without them life is too vanilla.” Whatever your reason may be, you want to make a loft your home the American way – through ownership.

Houston Lofts for Sale

The majority of Houston lofts for sale are in or around downtown Houston. Now with that said, there are soft lofts available in the Galleria area. One great example would be the Lofts on Post Oak, which are recently built soft lofts for sale. The Galleria isn’t a historic area so you don’t have those old brick buildings with “great bones” to convert to true lofts like you do in downtown Houston. Remember, that Houston was founded on the banks of the Buffalo Bayou in the late 1830s. That area is now north downtown Houston where you can still see many of the historic brick infrastructure. For example, buyers can find Buffalo Bayou lofts for sale in the same area along with other historic loft conversions near Franklin Street.

As you search for the perfect loft you should keep a few things in mind beyond the obvious, which is the actual loft unit. I always stress to my loft-buyers to LMFAO. No, I’m not talking about the Charleston dancing “Party Rock” guys (who by the way probably rock some amazing lofts themselves). I’m talking about real estate here. Location. Maintenance Fees. Amenities. Oldsmobile. I know, I know, you might be LMFAO’ing to yourself right now. Oldsmobile, right? Let me explain.

After you see those eye-grabbing pictures online and “fall in love” with the perfect loft you still have to consider LMFAO. Where is the loft located? Is it convenient for you? After the honeymoon period of decorating your new place, that daily grind of a commute will wear on you. Can the location really get that, oh-so-coveted “walkable” label?

Then there are the Maintenance Fees. Some people know maintenance fees as maintenance fees, others, as Home Owners Association Fees. Here in Houston we call them maintenance fees, but whatever they are called, they mean a bill (in addition to your utilities) that you have to pay to own your place. The maintenance fees cover maintenance on all the common areas of the building: hallways, exterior to include roof, any extras ( can include some electric, water, or even cable), and maintenance on amenities.

Which brings me to the “A” in LMFAO. Amenities are all the additional features of the property. The list here is endless especially when it comes to loft buildings because they are all so unique. Also, we are in Texas where everything is bigger and so are our loft amenities. In general, common amenities are pools, decks with views (or not), gyms, concierge, waiting rooms, and other services. The level of extravagance varies as widely as the price range of lofts.

Oldsmobile, the best for last. When looking at a loft for sale you have to consider where you are going to park your Oldsmobile. I know, I should have called this one parking, but LMFAP isn’t nearly as cool as LMFAO. Seriously, though, parking is a serious matter. It’s serious to consider for your day-to-day quality of life and for resale value of your loft. Most Houston lofts have parking garages but they vary widely in convenience and condition. Does the building you are considering have a parking garage? How many parking spaces are included with the ownership of your loft? Are the spots reserved? And if so, where are the spaces for your specific unit? There is value in great parking and it will show in the sale price. Don’t overlook where you are going to park your Oldsmobile.

Remember LMFAO when looking for your next Houston loft for sale so you can “LMFAO” in the comfort of your new home rather than have buyers’ remorse.