Houston B-Cycle Opening! Getting Around The Inner Loop Is Even Easier

The newest form of alternative transportation has hit Houston this summer and it’s called B-Cycle! B-Cycle is a new way of riding bikes around the city without the hassle of owning and maintaining a bike. The program is a great step toward making the urban neighborhoods of Houston’s inner loop easier to get around. Already, one of the draws to living in the inner loop is that automobile commuting is limited (especially when compared to suburban neighborhoods).


With B-Cycle you are able to go to any of the 21 stations around the Houston area, with a membership or without, and check out a bike and ride. Then after you are done riding you can return the bike to any station. B-Cycle’s goal is to be a next generation bike sharing program that is zero-hassle and zero-emissions way to get around the city. It is the only bike sharing program that can measure the actual distance you traveled, amount of calories you have burned, and the carbon emission you have prevented. The competitions are already starting to heat up.

The cost of B-Cycle is pretty reasonable as well. For a 24 hour pass it cost five dollars, seven days cost 15 dollars, and one year cost 65 dollars. With the one year pass you get a B-card that makes checking out a bike a lot faster, all you have to do is swipe your card on the bike dock to unlock one of the bikes. You can purchase any of these passes either online or at any station around town.


B-Cycle is a collaboration of three corporate companies – Humana, Trek Bicycle Corporation, and Crispin Porter+Bogusky. They all share the common goal of changing the way of getting around to better the community.

Now get out there Houston and start riding!