Finding Energy Efficient Apartments in Houston

Beat the Summer heat while lowering your utility bills. With Summer in full swing many Houstonians are finding new ways to save energy while still staying cool through these hot months .
Here are some tips and solutions when finding energy efficient apartments in Houston:

#5 Double Paned Windows

Two glass panels are set in a frame , separated by a small space and typically filled with air or non-toxic gasses to improve the windows insulation. A window of this design not only impacts its energy efficiency but also blocks out noise, makes for easy cleaning, and protects items in the house from sun damage. With updated technology double paned windows now have multiple grades of efficiency through different glazings and UV coatings to either absorb the suns warmth or even block out the sun’s UV rays.


Be aware of the different type of window fixtures when finding apartments in Houston, also insure each window has been properly installed and sealed so there are no air leaks or drafts throughout the apartment, This is the time you should focus on pest control, as summer is when the bugs like to come out and play.

#4 Digital Thermostat

Digital thermostats allow you to program them to automatically set a few degrees higher when you are away at work during the day, this can save you 5% – 15% on your energy bill. These thermostats also have the technology to reduce the amount of energy wasted through it’s increased efficiency and precision. Be sure to explore all the thermostats in the high-rise you are looking at when finding energy efficient apartments in Houston.

#3 Energy Efficient Lighting

When looking at prospective apartments investigate the lighting fixtures, bulbs, and controls. Energy Star Light-emitting diode bulbs, or LED bulbs, uses about 75% less energy as a posed to regular bulbs. These energy efficient bulbs also conduct 75% less heat which can also cut energy costs associated with home cooling.

Keep in mind of the different lighting controls and switches. New technology allows for lights to be set to timers and motion detectors so lights will automatically shut off if the room/space in not in use after a certain period of time. These timers can also be used in electrical outlets so home owners can conserve the energy they are not using at the time.

#2 Well Maintained AC

Judging from the apartment you are looking at investigate the AC units being used. If the property has multiple stories see if each story has a separate AC unit, this cuts back on energy being used as well. Multiple story apartments that use only one AC unit actually generates more energy than an apartment with different AC units used for each level.

Also ensure vents and air ducts are well sealed to prevent drafts when looking for energy efficient high-rises in Houston.

#1 Energy Star Appliances

From refrigerators to clothes washers, Energy Star qualified appliances save energy, save money, and help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants at the source.

With these tips in mind renters should be aware of a few facts that one may not think of when choosing a energy efficient apartment in Houston:

  • Concrete flooring: This type of flooring keeps spaces cooler than properties with carpet or hardwood flooring.
  • Climate controlled corridors vs corridors located outside: Many apartments have outdoor hallways to access each individual unit, this can increase your energy bill because of unwanted drafts and poor door ventilation. Look for apartment buildings with climate controlled corridors, this controls the amount of cool air leaving your apartment as well as keeping drafts and hot air coming into your house.
  • Units facing North and South: Choosing apartments that are facing North and South prevents UV rays from heating the apartment.
  • Being on a lower level: Lower level apartment units tend to have less unwanted heat from the sun as a posed to high level units, this helps maintain a cooler environment.