Explore Houston: Levy Park

They say the best medicine in life is a little bit of fresh air and Vitamin C. Thankfully, here in Houston, there is a ton of green space where you can go and cure yourself. However, before you make your way to Memorial Park or Buffalo Bayou, allow me to pave the way to Levy Park, the perfect hidden gem. What separates this park from others, you ask. What makes this place so great? What is there to do? Where do you find this magical green-land? Well take a seat my friends, and let me tell you all about a park called Levy.

Recently renovated, Levy Park has transformed 5.2 acres into a retreat that offers various activities to do year round! Looking for local music and acts? The Performance Pavilion has 2,000 square foot stage with a 42,000 square foot lawn where you can lay down a blanket or pop open a lawn chair and enjoy the show. The lawn also holds place for free yoga, tai chi and many other classes during the week!


Have a case of the green thumb? Grow veggies and fruit at the Community Garden just right of the pavilion. Tended by volunteer gardeners, you can find watermelons, tomatoes, berries and other delicious goodies depending on the season.


What’s a park without a playground? Here at Levy, you won’t find your traditional swing sets or monkey bars. Instead they’re replaced with interactive sculptures, water tower, and a climbing wall. And once you and your family are worn out, relax and look for the carts full of boardgames, books, newspapers and art supplies!


Let your four legged family members mingle and socialize at the dog park! Sectioned off for little and big dogs, your furry child will have a blast with mounds for your dog to explore and climb and water features for when its too hot!


Get your grub on Friday through Sunday from 11 am to 8 am when food trucks make a stop to breath in that Levy Park air. Also underway are two restaurants that will serve breakfast, coffee, and beer!



Of course, we could on and on how wonderful Levy Park is, however this is something that you and your family must check out! You’ll be able to find this park in the Upper Kirby district, south of Richmond Ave in between Kirby Drive and Buffalo Speedway. Parking is available on Eastside St., Wakeforest Ave., and in the Kirby Grove office building on the corner of Richmond and Wakeforest.

To find out more information about Levy Park, or to see the full activity schedule, click here!

All photos courtesy of www.levypark.com & Morris Malakoff/Levy Park