Another Great Fitness Program Inside the Loop – Camp Gladiator

Looking for a fun, challenging, different style of work out? Camp Gladiator (GC) boot camp is taking Houston to a Whole new level. I’ve recently been attending the Camp Gladiator boot camp at Whole Foods Kirby with trainer Lauren Yapundich and boy is she whipping everyone into shape!

CG focuses on making a workout enjoyable. It is nice to be able to show up and have your training planned out for you and no workouts are ever the same. CG incorporates tons of interval training, sprints, plyometrics, body strengthening drills and of course abdominals while teaming up with a partner or doing a complete team exercise… All while your favorite jams are blasting in the back ground.

Don’t be intimidated, people of all fitness levels are welcome. The boot camp is a kick ass workout but you are welcome to work at your own pace. Do what you can. Everyone will work at their own speed and never get left behind. I can tell you right now, I am the first to hit my knees after doing push-ups for a minute straight!

Camp Gladiator isn’t just a boot camp!

For those of you who are hardcore, there are the CG Games. CG is located in 6 different states, so you are able to compete against others in the CG Open Games. The top 75 men and 75 women are then invited to the CG Game Finals.

Calling all kiddos! There’s no better time than now to get your kids in shape! Kid Gladiator includes activities such as dodge ball, volleyball and kickball.

CG Run Team is also available to train athletes to compete in races around the nation. Looking to go on a trip? CG Adventures puts together outdoor group activities such as climbing, skiing and hiking.

There are currently 25+ locations in Houston and multiple times throughout the day for CG Boot Camp. So there is no excuse to not attend. You can visit for times and locations.

Not to be forgotten is the Camp Gladiator Happy Happy Hour that are put on once a month for all contenders to meet one another. Because regular Happy Hour is when you’re getting your work out on. “CG !! WUT WUT!”


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