ULR Blood Drive–Who Knew Donating Blood Could Be This Fun?!

It’s not every day that a Realtor gets to come to the office and help save lives. Sure we like to think that we are superheroes (after all, showing homes and negotiating contracts takes a certain set of superpowers) but, rarely are we given an opportunity to really earn the title of “lifesaver” that our clients so often give us.

On Saturday January 31st, the ULR team opened the office to the MD Anderson blood bank for a platelet and whole blood drive to benefit Anna Thomas Young. A wife, mother, and student (currently finishing her PhD in higher education at Texas Tech University), Anna is battling a rare blood disorder, Severe Aplastic Anemia (SAA). SAA requires frequent blood transfusions, and to date Anna has had over 40.
Spearheaded by Anna’s close friend, Jenn, the mobile blood donation unit from MD Anderson came to the ULR office, and in a matter of 45 minutes were set up to begin screening volunteers and collecting donations. The Blood Bank has the largest transfusion center in the country, which is critical, as MD Anderson cancer patients require approximately 200 units of red blood cells and 600 units of platelets every day.


ULR agents, friends of Anna and the community at large came to literally “roll up their sleeves” and donate their platelets and whole blood. With awesome music playing, and an assortment of snacks, the ULR Blood drive ended up being like an all-day party. After all of the donations were collected, and the smiley-faced bandages were applied, the tally was in. Anna was given 30 credits for future transfusions, and 46 cancer patients were given immediate life-saving transfusions. DSC00311_485-750x500DSC00304_481-750x500IMG_2155-750x750

It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday and the ULR team looks forward to hosting many more drives in the future!

If you missed the drive and would still like to donate, please contact Jenn at 832-276-8088 for information on how you can still get involved!