Best Ice Cream Shops in Houston!

With the summer heat finally starting to subside you might want to grab some ice cream on one of the last remaining hot days of the year (ok, ok, I realize that is taking things a little far). But in the event that the afternoon heat leaves you craving a cool treat, you should check out some of the great ice cream shops around Houston. Most of us have a sweet tooth somewhere in us. Here are the best ice cream shops in the city everyone should try out!

Hank’s Ice Cream Parlor


Hank’s has some of the best ice cream in Houston naturally rising to greatness like most products of the 80’s. It was established in 1985. It is located by Reliant Stadium and and has become the unofficial ice cream of the Houston Texans Cheerleaders. The waffle cones are great here and have over 100 flavors to choose from to please your sweet tooth!

Chocolate Bar


While the Chocolate Bar is knowns for its chocolate, we here at ULR are huge fans of it’s creamy and imaginative ice cream flavors. And all of us love chocolate. They have a wide variety of confections including truffles, bars, and over 20 ice cream flavors – all chocolate of course. One of the signature ice creams they have is the Orange Sunrise which is made with chocolate and fresh squeezed Valencia orange juice, and lots of dried orange peels. The Chocolate Bar has two locations, one on West Alabama and one in Rice Village.

Eastie Boys


Eatsie Boys was founded by Chefs Matt, Ryan, and Alex and was started as a food trailer. It then developed into an ice cream truck, then into an intergalactic food truck and finally as a cafe it is today. Eatsie Boys prides itself on only using the best ingredients and serving great food. They try and do business with local businesses and farmers as much as they can. Eatsie Boys also has some of the best ice cream in Houston. Their ice cream flavors are far from ordinary with names like: She’s Crafty Salted Carmel + Bacon and Shipley’s Glazed & Confused Donut. They also offer sorbets and other frozen treats you can enjoy!

Sweet Cup


Sweet Cup is a gelato and espresso shop here in Houston. It is owned and run by Jasmine Chida, who first decided to start this business after her honeymoon in Italy. She came back from her honeymoon and began to learn the art of making gelato. Some of the flavors of gelato offered here are lemon sorbet, strawberry stracciatella, hazelnut chocolate crunch, and many more. Everyone seems to love Sweet Cup so if you have a chance try it out!

Amy’s Ice Cream


Amy’s Ice Cream was started in Austin, TX and then expanded to different cities such as Houston. Amy’s is known for its fun and “zany” environment so do not be surprised if you see employees playing catch with your scoop of ice cream! They also have your basic flavors; along with some different combinations. You can also get your ice cream mixed with fruits, candies, and anything else you love in ice cream!

I’m sure the heat index will be well above 90 today so go cool down with some awesome ice cream in some of Houston’s best neighborhoods.