How Much Bacon Can One Person Eat?! ULR Bacon Eating Contest Results!

Another fun ULR event in the books! This past weekend was the International Bacon Festival, and like any proper bacon lovers, we sponsored the official “Bacon Eating Festival”. Although festival goers felt like they were in the frying pan, everyone had a great time eating bacon themed food items and drinks, despite the heat.

ULR agent, Nicholas Bourgeois, competed in the Bacon Eating contest to represent the team, but came in second to avid bacon lover, David Smith. Contestants consumed over a pound of bacon as fast as they could to win the title!img_6910img_6906 img_6907 img_6909 img_6917 img_6918 img_6922img_6945

Thank you to everyone who came out and visited the ULR booth! Remember, if you know of anyone looking to lease, buy, or sell–we would love to help!