Marry Go Round – Blog Series: Women Owned Businesses in Houston

“What does your dress look like?” It is the question that every bride gets asked before her wedding day. And although most men think the answer to this question is “white”, we females know there is a lot more that goes into “The Dress” for “The Big Day”.

From huge billowing gowns, to sweetheart necklines, to slim-fitting chiffon–from white, to ivory, to diamond white, lace and beads–the choices are endless, and finding the perfect dress can be stressful (not to mention expensive) with couture gowns costing $3,000 and up.

Gowns at a steep discount, and “Marry Go Round” was established. Marry Go Round is a full-service consignment store with hundreds of gorgeous dresses from well-known dress designers, tucked just down the street from River Oaks and the Montrose/Midtown area. Madeline loves being part of every bride’s big day, and she is often in the store, setting fitting appointments and helping brides select the perfect dress for their wedding. The online reviews for Marry Go Round, and Madeline in specific, offer glowing accounts of the personal attention each bride received at the store, and the accompanying photos of beautiful brides in beautiful dresses leaves a lasting impression on all who read them.

ULR had a chance to sit down with Madeline and learn a little more about how Marry Go Round was created, and about the challenges of being a women and business owner.

How did you come up with the clever idea to start up a consignment bridal boutique?

Marry go Round was actually my moms idea. When a family member got engaged we jumped at the opportunity to help plan the wedding. We were blown away by how expensive everything was! We have always been bargain shoppers and knew that there had to be a place a bride could go to find a deal on a dress. She thought of the idea of a consignment bridal shop and literally a few weeks later we opened!


What do you think your customers like about Marry Go Round over the typical bridal stores?

Brides love the experience they get when shopping at Marry go Round. Our shop is really cute and it doesn’t feel like you’re in a typical bridal store. All around, the experience is very different than other bridal stores. We offer much more variety since we carry tons of different designers – plus they are all sold off the rack. We truly care about helping our brides find the best possible dress for their wedding day.

Who are the most popular designers that you carry?

Our top selling designers are Maggie Sottero, Allure, Enzoani, and Pronovias.

Do you have a favorite designer?

I, of course, love all of the couture designers because the gowns are so unique and extravagant!


What’s the average cost for a gown at Marry Go Round?

Our average priced gown at Marry go Round is $600. Although, we carry gowns that range from $99 – $3000.

What do you expect to accomplish over the next year?

Over the next year we hope that Marry go Round keeps growing, and that we continue to be able to offer brides a unique dress shopping experience.


What do you consider to be the most difficult or frustrating aspect of owning your own shop. And what’s most rewarding about all of it?

The most frustrating thing about being a business owner is the stress that comes with it. At the end of the day your either going to make it or not, and it all depends on what your willing to put into your business! The best thing about being a business owner is getting to hear that people love your shop. It is so rewarding when someone tells you they had such a great experience shopping with us.

Being a woman business owner, what would you say to other aspiring women business owners out there?

As women, we want it all. The hardest thing about being a woman and being a business owner is trying to balance it all. This year I have learned that it’s possible to be a wife, mom and business owner. It is a lot of work but in the end it so worth it.



ULR would like to give a big “thank you” to Madeline taking the time to sit down and talk with us. It is inspiring to see a local Houston friend (and neighbor) grow a business that makes what can be a stressful event into something much simpler. For more information on Marry Go Round Bridal, visit their site at For assistance on another stressful life event (moving!) visit the ULR site at to view Houston homes for purchase or lease