Houston Coffee Shops – The Best

Morning people–they are an interesting bunch. You know the type–their alarm goes off and they spring out of bed with rainbows and birds chirping– ready to go! I, sadly, am not one of those people. I drag myself out from under my covers and the first thing I do is make a double Americano. It’s a necessity, for on those rare under-caffeinated mornings, I am one cranky person ( as those around me have learned the hard way).

The coffee scene in Houston is on fire (lucky for me!) so on those rare mornings that I don’t have time to brew my own (or for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up) there is a plethora of coffee joints for me to choose from. Here, in no particular order) are my selections for the best Houston coffee shops in the Inner Loop :


The Best Houston Coffee Shops

Catalina Coffee

Houston Coffee Shops
Catalina Coffee

Located on Washington this coffee house stepped up their game for coffee. The owner, Max Gonzales, has been quoted as the “godfather of coffee”. All the baristas at Catalina are eager to broaden customers horizons on all different kinds of coffees, including their house brand, Amaya. Their latte is out-of-this-world good, and their baked assortments of fresh cookies and croissants is top-notch. The only negative about this coffee house is it gets pretty packed but its all for good reasons! http://catalinacoffeeshop.com/


Greenway Coffee

caffee latte

This little Houston coffee shop is located in Greenway Plaza and is owned by David Buehrer. Buehrer has always been known to spread his knowledge of good beans and good roasts. His coffee shop and himself have become icons in the coffee world here in Houston. He is known for collaborating with restaurants, bars, and chefs to come up with new coffee cocktails or pairings. Beuhrer is at his best when he gets the people in Greenway Plaza to stop drinking Starbuck and begin to drink locally roasted coffee. The only downside about this coffee shop is parking is bad, but lucky for you Greenway validates. http://greenwaycoffee.bigcartel.com/




This little gem in the Heights holds a fond spot in my heart! As small, artisan coffee roaster, owner Matt Toomey has perfected his craft. From straight up espresso, to the famous “Milk and Honey Latte” to their infamous “crack rocks”–this is one spot not to miss. I like to go in and get their house-roasted coffee (it’s unlimited!) and one of their incredible breakfast tacos (hint, the corn tortillas are specially-made and highly addictive). Their baked goods are whipped up fresh every morning and rotate daily. If you find yourself on 19th Ave, be sure to stop into this coffee shop and grab a hot one! http://boomtowncoffee.com/




This Montrose spot has got me running, walking, driving and biking over at all hours of the day for my caffeine fix amongst the great HoustonCoffee shops. The space is cute (next to Uchi) and their coffee and espresso is simply good. The serve craft coffee and wine from 7am to midnight. The baristas are knowledgeable, friendly, and always take care to make sure your coffee is perfect. Their baked goods are solid, with my only complaint being the space is a little tight in their if you want to get out of the Houston heat. On sunny days, grab your coffee and sit outside on their rooftop patio! http://www.southsideespresso.com/






Oh, Blacksmith–we have a love/hate relationship. On one hand, I love the location (the former Mary’s in Montrose), I love the feel of the building and space, and I love your coffee and nibbles….most of the time. While Blacksmith is mostly a hit, there have a been a few misses (not to mention the coffee is a little pricey), but overall it is quality espresso so I have to rate it as one my top picks! This is another coffee concept from the same wizard that brought is Greenway coffee. Along with great pour over coffee, and cappuccinos, Blacksmith serves an insane biscuit. You can jam it out or throw an egg on it–whichever way it comes, it is delicious.

Hopefully this helps my fellow coffee explorers on their navigation through the dark waters to find the best Houston coffee shops! Keep caffeinated, my friends!