Fun Organizing to do at Home While Quarantined

Looking for something to do while you’re stuck at home? Why don’t you reorganize your home! Here are some tips and tricks for every room in your house.

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  • Does your food expire before you get the chance to use it all? Put foods with later expirations dates in the back to encourage you to eat the foods that will spoil sooner.
  • Use clear bins to separate different food groups. Store raw meat in a bin on the lowest shelf to prevent it from potentially dripping on other foods.


  • Like your fridge, the pantry should have newer foods in the back to prevent food from spoiling before it’s eaten.
  • Use a Lazy Susan tray for easy grab and go snacks like granola bars and nuts!
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


  • If you have a clutter counter full of products try hanging an over the door shoe rack to organize them in! If you only have a few, then a Lazy Susan would be perfect.
  • Need new towels? A clever way to know which towels go where is to have a color code! Kitchen towels? Gray. Master bathroom towels? Navy. Guest bathroom towels? Tan!



  • Organize your clothes by type of clothing and color. Hang all of your pants together and order them from dark to light! Do the same with every category such as shirts, dresses, and work clothes.
  • An easy way to declutter your clothes is turn all the hangers backwards. As you wear each item turn the hanger back to normal. After 6 months the clothes you didn’t wear can be donated or put in storage!


  • To make as much room as possible, the Marie Kondo folding method is the way to go! This condenses all of your items into easily accessible rows.
  • Use drawer inserts to organize your smaller items like socks.
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  • Use different laundry baskets to separate different loads! Put towels a part from white clothing so they don’t get washed together. Label the baskets by directly writing on them or using clear luggage tags.
  • Detergent pods and powder products can be stored in glass jars for a prettier look. Make sure to keep these out of children’s reach as they make look like a snack!