Totally Radical ULR 80’s Skate Party

The 80’s were alive and well at the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink Wednesday night!! ULR Agents and guests dusted off their neon leg warmers, acid wash jeans, and fanny packs for the totally tubular throw-back event. Sponsored by Kai Bike of Republic State Mortgage, party-goers had a radical time roller skating to hits from our favorite decade. We were also snacking on roller rink staples like corn dogs, shaved ice, and funnel cakes. Prince himself even made a rare appearance in his “Purple Rain” gear. A few falls, no broken bones, and a ton of laughs!

The ULR team ended the evening with goodie bags stuffed with head warmers, pixie sticks, slap bracelets, and in true 80’s fashion–personalized “mixed tapes” (USB drives) with all of the best 80’s jams to keep the party going.

A big thank you to Kai Bike and Melissa Morse for hosting such a awesome event! We can’t wait for the next one!!

Incriminating evidence to follow:

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